Career Pathway Webinar for Physical Therapy


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Career Pathway Webinar for Physical Therapy

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Career Pathway Webinar for Physical Therapy

Description and Target Audience:

The series of sub-specialty webinars aims to address each healthcare profession and present to the audience, especially those who are about to graduate, the fresh graduates, and the juniors in their first 2 years in practice, the needed information about the sub-specialty. This forum allows the audience to know more about the profession, ask their questions and concerns, and receive advices.



In each of the Webinars, the following will be addressed:

  • Challenges of future Career
  • Guidance: Advice for the Junior and Final Year students
  • How to pursue higher education and apply for sub-specialties
  • When to join the private sector
  • Possible Job Opportunities



The workshop is virtual using zoom webinar

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8th September 2022 8th September 2022 عن بعد


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