Academic and Professional Presentation Skills Workshop


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This activity will allow the participants to go beyond knowing how to use the PPT.

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Academic and Professional Presentation Skills Workshop

Course Guidline:

  • Course will be conducted on 5 March 2023 at Academy of Sciences Center in Riyadh
  • The course starts from 3 PM until 7 PM
  • Participant must arrive on time.
  • Participant order will be confirmed within 24H and you will receive only order confirmation notifiction first.
  • Participant will receive a reminder a day before the course with the final attending details ( Location, Timing..etc).
  • Participants are encourjed to bring their laptop and own work as they will do practice on it.


Course Description

Academic and Professional Presentation Skills is one of many Academic writing activities offered in the Academy of Sciences. This activity will allow the participants to go beyond knowing how to use the PPT. The participants will have the opportunity to work on their own presentations and apply the knowledge learned in the workshop. The hints and tips provided are useful to anyone who wants to prepare a presentation in an Academic or Professional tone.


Course Needs Assisments:

AOS has been conducting international conferences since 3 years. During the preparations for the conferences, a need was identified with local speakers and students on how to prepare a professional presentation. Moreover, some feedbacks from the clients indicated an interest in having this skill applied  


Learning OutComes from this workshop:

The Academic and Professional worskhop aims to improve the knowledge and skills of the participants in the appropraite use of presentations. The training will also address available tools other than the PowerPoint software. During the workshop, the instructor will work closely with every participant and correct/edit/guide their work on individual presentations for the topics of their choice. All participants will have the proper tools to use in their career for presentation and they will leave with an almost completed presentation on a project of their own.


Course Objectives 

  • Understand the basics for an academic and professional presentation
  • Develop a presentation plan
  • Apply the skills learned on their presentations
  • Determine the extend of additional skills needed for them and how to address them
  • Present a part of their presentation and have a constructive critique to enhance their performance



Academy of sciences


Target Audience

All Health care providers at all levels and University Students.

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