Video based debriefing course


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Course Language: English
Accredited By: Academy of Sciences,

Demonstrates high skills in debriefing using video based techniques


1 Days


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Video based debriefing course

Course Description :


The course is Online with an interactive sessions .

This course aims to present different theories applicable for a constructive, coherent, and efficient

debriefing that help participants in courses get the best outcome from the learning experience. This

course presents multiple techniques and modalities, while discussing strengths and weaknesses for

each to be able to help the educator form the best style for the learning experience.


Course Objectives:


  1. Define theories of best practice in debriefing
  2. Identify the best modalities for simulation in their own field and match the proper debriefing method
  1. Critically evaluate the components of learning environments
  2. Prepare and conduct clinical simulation debriefing
  3. Compare methods of giving feedback to adult learners
  4. Analyze the models of debriefing and the debriefing process
  5. Identify the tools available to assist in the debriefing process
  6. Demonstrates high skills in debriefing using video based techniques


Course duration and delivery:


The course will be conducted over 6 hours through zoom web meeting.


Target audience:

  1. Educators
  2. Mentors/coaches
  3. Nurses
  4. Physicians
  5. Interns, residents, and fellows

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