Academy Of Science

About Membership

Membership at AOS is an attractive, rich, and diverse service that is offered to healthcare providers in all specialties to provide them with the best packages for continuing education

This membership provides unique services, such as clinic advice, research assistance, and resource gate. These services are offered to members at discounts within the packages.

Details of the packages are available below, for more information contact info@aos-ksa.com


Assist customers to identify their challenges, fears, and obstacles that hinder their progress, while connecting them with senior professionals to advice on the career path and opportunities

Guide and support customers in research studies at all levels

Offer to customers bundles for registrations and priorities in the events occurring in AOS

Provide customers with accesses to search engines at no additional charges, that will help them access evidence based protocols and peer reviewed articles


The bundles below specify the different options for membership, free trial periods are available to help our customers be familiar with the services.

Free trial period
Chat room access
Admin support
Resources Gate
Discount on courses/workshops
Discount on Research Assistance
Discounts on Conferences
Free access to recorded courses/lectures
Career Assistance
Online Webinars*
*For special lists of webinars
Priority registration