About Us

The Academy of Sciences offers post graduate medical courses, that are recognized by the National and International accrediting bodies.

The Academy of Sciences for Medical Education center is a leading educational facility that provides short medical training courses accredited by the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties and other international organizations such as the American College
of Surgeons, the American Heart Association and the World Safety Organization. Its goal is to improve the skills and knowledge of health care and community workers.The Academy supervises 43 accredited centers spread throughout the Kingdom, and provides various trauma training courses offered by a distinguished team of trainers with long experience using the latest methods of medical education. The Academy of Sciences was established in 2018. The Academy’s team boasts up to 25 years of experience in Medical Education and is distinguished in this field by providing short courses for health care providers and individuals - a wealth of theoretical knowledge and practical experience.



We, at the Academy of Sciences for Medical Education are dedicated to providing the best medical courses; that contribute to elevating the standard of service presented to patients, contribute to saving lives andminimizing medical complications. We achieve this through providing the latest medical updates and developing skills that a provider needs to minimize those complications. New skills that are acquired are practiced in real time through high quality
educational programs presented by esteemed global scientific institutions. We constantly study the needs of the health care provider and satisfy those needs
through conducting courses that utilize the latest updates in teaching methodology, technology that paves the way towards the best environment for medical education and improving the communication standard with the instructors through workshops and symposiums using the ideal educational methods to solve and analyze medical problems.

We adhere to ethical standards and transparency with our activities and deals; we are diligent to choosing competent instructors with experience. With the advent of technology and its evolution, we are striving to keep with these advances by presenting online courses using the latest information technology to deliver knowledge. As we also strive in contributing to social service by offering courses and educational tools that serves society in the emergent and medical fields.