Saudi Nursing Licensing Exam (SNLE2) Self-preparatory review course


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Accredited By: Academy of Sciences, Saudi Commission for Health Specialties,

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Saudi Nursing Licensing Exam (SNLE2) Self-preparatory review course

Course Overview

This course is prepared to help the Nursing students increase their success in the SNLE exam.

The details below explain the expectations and the sequence to follow during the course. For any further information, clarification, or questions during the studying period, please contact us on .

This course covers preparation for the following, but not limited to:                    

  • Nursing Fundamentals
  • Basic sciences
  • Clinical Nutrition
  • Pharmacology for Nurses
  • Medical-Surgical Nursing
  • Critical Care Nursing
  • Mental Health & Psychiatric Nursing
  • Community health Nursing
  • Maternity & Child Nursing
  • Newborn and pediatric Nursing
  • Nursing Management & Leadership
  • Course sessions are conducted & prepared by professionally qualified and expert faculty members in each specialty
  • The course includes refresher materials, MCQ reviews and interactive discussions


Course Objectives

  • Enhance the participants knowledge and understanding of the subject covered in SNLE
  • Provide clear explanation on the material, helpful quizzes, and tools to guide the preparation for the online live course and then the SNLE exam
  • Improve the participants skills and techniques in solving the exam's questions
  • Help the participants to understand the requirements of the SNLE and study in an organized, holistic, and efficient manner



  1. Attend the initial meeting with the organizing team and directors on the first day of the course (details will be sent to you by email)
  2. Do the pre-test: the pre-test is similar to the official SNLE exam, it contains 150 questions with the blueprint distribution of the course. This pre-test helps us assess the baseline at start of the course and compare the progress throughout
  3. Start watching the videos in the order provided: The videos are guided explanation of summary of the content. The videos do not substitute the manuals (please make sure you read articles, books, and any other references you have about the subjects)
  4. After each Topic, you are requested to take the respective quiz. The links to the quizzes are sent to you in the welcome email. You have 1 attempt per quiz, and the passing grade is 80%. In case you failed, please notify us by email so that we grant you other trials.
  5. Upon completion of the videos and the quizzes, you are required to register in the first available live session "SNLE Live course"
  6. When you finish the live sessions, you will receive the link to the final exam. Passing grade is 80%, you will be granted only one attempt, without the ability to retake it. In case you fail the final exam, you will be required to retake the full course from start.

Good luck


Basic Sciences: Anatomy & Physiology

Basic Sciences: Microbiology & Parasitology

Clinical Nutrition

Fundamentals of Nursing (Session 1)

Fundamentals of Nursing (Session 2)

Pharmacology for Nurses

Medical -Surgical Nursing (Session1)

Medical -Surgical Nursing (Session 2)

Medical -Surgical Nursing (Session 3)

Community Health Nursing

Critical Care Nursing (Session 1)

Critical Care Nursing (Session 2)

Mental Health Nursing (Session 1)

Mental Health Nursing (Session 2)

Newborn & Pediatric Nursing (session 1)

Newborn & Pediatric Nursing (session 2)

Maternity Nursing (Session 1)

Maternity Nursing (Session 2)

Nursing Management & Leadership (Session 1)

Nursing Management & Leadership (Session 2)


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