Fire Warden/Marshall Course - (Online Recorded)



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This training program, is for the staff who are given specific responsibilities that helps in the management of fire safety and any worker who is part..


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Fire Warden/Marshall Course - (Online Recorded)

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Course Guidline:

  • The course type is Online Recorded.
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  • Participant can attend the course through our website by going to "my account" then "my courses" then open the course and click on "content" and it will show.
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  • Participant will receive the attendance certificate after filling the course evaluation.


Course Objectives

Participants will learn about the duties and responsibilities associated with the Fire warden, and employees involve in Emergency response team, in day to day basis during emergency. They will receive practical knowledge about the Escape route standards, basic maintenance and inspection of firefighting and fire alarm system, and undertaking efficient and orderly evacuations during emergency.



Course Description

The Fire Warden/Marshall Course topics includes fire science including the classes, components, stages, and how to extinguish fire. This course will also explain the requirement and benefits of Fire prevention plan, emergency action plan, and how to conduct efficient and effective Fire drill.



Fire Prevention Plan

Emergency Action Plan

Escape Route

Fire Warden

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