Principles of Triage - ( Online Recorded Webinar )


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Define the triage system


2 Hours

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Principles of Triage - ( Online Recorded Webinar )

Course Description :


As an initial decision for the primarily emergency patient care, the emergency triaging process considered as a crucial point of care for patient health outcome in the emergency department, or in the scene.


Course Objectives:


By the end of this course the audients will be able to:

  • Define the triage system
  • know the evolution history of triage system
  • Understand the main concepts and principles of triage
  • Understand the different triage systems
  • Case scenarios, interactive discussion for triaging decisions


Target audience:


  • Emergency Physicians, Emergency nurses, EMS, and Paramedics
  • All medical Residents and House Officers.


Principles of Triage

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