Basic Trauma Course - ( Online Recorded Webinar )



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Course Language: English
Accredited By: Academy of Sciences, Saudi Commission for Health Specialties,

Recognize the wide prevalence of trauma


2 Hours

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Basic Trauma Course - ( Online Recorded Webinar )

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Course Guidline:

  • The course type is Online Recorded.
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  • Participant can attend the course through our website by going to "my account" then "my courses" then open the course and click on "content" and it will show.
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Course Objectives:

By the end of this course you will be able to:

-Recognize the wide prevalence of trauma

-Understand the different mechanisms of trauma

-Apply the main concepts of management of the trauma patients , including the primary survey, secondary survey and definitive treatment

-Understand the concepts of transfer, and contentious care of the traumatized patient

-Evaluate the severity of the trauma patient

-Special considerations in trauma management


Target Audience

All Medical Practitioners including Emergency Physicians, Surgeons and Paramedics.

All Medical students and Medical Residents.

All Nursing  Practitioners.


Basic Trauma Course

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